First meet “Control Habit”

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Rencently I read a book named “Control habit” and it make me think for a long time. When I first see this book at the airport bookstore, I was full of curiosity for this book. So I bought it. I hope through by reading this book I can make myself have some good habits. This is the reason I bought this book.

In the first article, the author told us we should forget our target and we should focused on our system. Any winners and losers have the same target. Achieving a goal is only a short change, and we still need a long way to go. The target always limiting our happiness, our target and our final general direction is different. We should do that don’t seek to raise our goals and seek to implement our system.

Here are some of the author’s understandings in the below.

  • Habit is the interest of our Self-improvement.
  • Habit is a double-edged sword.
  • The change of smile seems to have no effect until you cross the tipping point.
  • Small habit is a part of the big system.
  • If you want to the better result , you should forget your target and you should focused on your system.

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