Have curiosity and initiative

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The curiosity referred to here is to brush your head, unsolved cognition attracts you to dig down curiously. It is an excellent habit to like reading books. From excellence to excellence depends on upgrading “good reading without seeking insights” to “where you have everything, you will achieve something.” The Analects of Confucius says that if you don’t think about it, you don’t.

The initiative referred to here is that no one responds to the problem, you respond, and no one does something, you consider to do it.

Curiosity and initiative can create more opportunities for you.

这里所指的好奇心是刷脑,未解的认知吸引你好奇的挖下去。喜欢看书是一种优秀的习惯,从优秀到卓越靠的是把“好读书,不求甚解” 升级为“凡有所有,即有所成”。论语说学而不思则罔,书刷多了没有消化,反而越读越迷茫。

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